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To survive in the "organism – environment" system, it is enough for an animal to have intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to the environment, to the present circumstances of life.

Редко плачут мальчики, которых родители научили в трудной ситуации - действовать. Чаще плачут те дети, которые не знают, что делать. Когда жалеют, хочется плакать и чувствовать себя бедненьким. Женщины любят заботиться о маленьких и несчастных, любят жалеть, но результат такого женского воспит...

Childhood psychological trauma in adult life

Many psychotherapists are characterized by the belief:  "Childhood and childhood trauma fatally determine the life of an adult." How much does this belief match the scientific evidence? You can confidently answer - it does not correspond in any way. This postulate is untenable, research and ex...

Do we complete what we promised?

Read in the dictionary: "A promise is a voluntary commitment, the consent of someone to perform something or, on the contrary, not to do it."

Do you need to understand your emotions?

Emotions are an auxiliary tool. If your mind fails you at some point, your emotions will start backing you up, thank them for that. But emotions are weaker than reason. The behavior of a drunk is a perfect illustration of the behavior of a person whose head is bad and who is guided only by emo...

Emotional gymnastics

​​​​​​​​​​​Emotional gymnastics often occurs naturally with us, when we laugh at each other's jokes in the morning, get angry or surprised, admire or demand order...

Experience of system integration of basic trends in psychological counselling

We firmly believe that without a common approach to psychological counseling all work in this field will inevitably be fragmented, based on individual counsellor’s vision and employ his personal favourite “tricks”. Today the community of counsellors faces the task of summarizing uncoordinated ...

Formation of volitional behavior according to Vygotsky

The child saw someone else's toy – and it will yell as long as this toy does not fall into his hands.

Genetic epistemology

Genetic epistemology focuses on both the development of each individual's knowledge from birth to death, and the historical development of knowledge within a particular culture...

How to get rid of annoying thoughts?

For starters: you just don't like to think. For those who like to think, the head is always busy with their own thoughts. And if the head is empty, then something else will definitely get into it.

How to help your child choose a profession

There is a popular opinion that it is deeply wrong to decide for children. That it can cause trauma and break contact with the child.

How to overcome anger attacks

Fits of anger are an unpleasant thing both for the person himself and for others. How to learn how to relieve bouts of anger, is it possible in principle to change your character, to become a calmer and more restrained person? Sometimes you can.

Ideal man

Smart and decent women most often want to see in the man of their dreams intelligence, strength and reliability.

A handsome man is attractive, but it is not the beauty of the body that makes him a man. Beauty is always replaced by neatness, and a man should take care that his body can ...

Ideal woman

The ideal woman does not fight with men, because she has weaned herself without the need to fight. It's a bad habit for her. A woman can use her military Arsenal only by winning a man, when she seduces, flirts, plays and this pleases the man, who, in turn, tries to win her.

Men's values, men's responsibilities

A real man knows his manly duties. Men's honor: to honor the law, protect loved ones and the Motherland. The man is the protector. A man protects his loved ones and what is dear to him. In any case, he lives not only for himself. A man should have a profession and earn money. A man should buil...

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Хочу идти в детский сад со слезами!

Этой осенью моя дочка пошла в детский сад. В свои 3,5 года она к саду была готова хорошо: умела сама...

Вечная задача о добрых родителях и милом, но непослушном ребенке
Вечная задача о добрых родителях и милом, но непослушном ребенке

​​​​​​​Игрушки нужно убирать. Родители сказали - игрушки убраны, а не напомнили - не убраны. И сколь...

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