Outburst of emotions

01 октября 2022 г., 21:23

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Outburst of emotion is the discharge of excess emotional energy in speech, expression and actions. This is a free, without internal control and obstacles, energetic throwing out of negativity and releasing emotional tension.

Yelling your anger, swearing from the bottom of your heart, hitting or kicking the offender - these are options for outburst of emotions. Strictly speaking, to throw out joy in laughter or wide embraces is also here, but usually by a splash of emotions they mean a splash of negative emotions, or more precisely, a splash (discharge) of real or imaginary aggression.

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Unlike emotional reaction, outburst of emotions does not mean either deep awareness, or living, or solving the problem that caused the emotion.

How to treat the outpouring of negative emotions?

The outburst of negative emotions should be treated with caution. In psychological literature, there is often a recommendation: "If you are angry and you are overwhelmed with aggression, do not suppress it in yourself, find a way to defuse it. Throw it away in words, throw it out in actions, and it will become easier for you." This is both so and not so. It is true that now the splash will most likely make it easier for you, and it is not true that it is worth teaching yourself to this method.

And what to do?

Developed, mentally healthy and mentally adult people solve this issue without any problems. A realistic-minded person who is used to thinking first of all, and not to worry, violent negative emotions do not appear often. In a well-mannered person, the negative emotions that have arisen do not turn into a storm, they are easy to cope with, they are quite manageable. There is no need to throw anything out to someone who does not inflame himself, and what worries or enrages you, you can say. Restraint in behavior, the ability to restrain your negative feelings is an indicator of inner culture and good manners, an obligatory attribute of a business and just a successful person. If you do not wind up emotions inside yourself, then restraint in behavior and expression of your feelings is not harmful at all.

How to treat the outburst of emotions by children

The outburst of emotions by children should be treated in the same way as the outburst of emotions by adults. Children are still poorly able to manage themselves, and children are better able to manage their emotions than adults, and future hysterical behavior should not be encouraged. See→

And if it's not you who are throwing out emotions, but on you?

In short, first draw the person's attention to what he is doing, and ask him not to do it anymore. If he treated it normally, then help him in this, remind him and support him in his efforts. If he did not hear you and does not want to hear you, then he should simply forbid it under the threat of breaking off the relationship. Another thing is that most women are cowards and never do this, but that's another question.

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