Pain relief or reduction

01 октября 2022 г., 21:23


​If you sometimes have to deal with such unpleasant events in life as a splitting head, aching toothache, bleeding cuts, bruises, burns, etc., and you want to learn how to reduce pain, use the following techniques:

"Rolling your eyes"

In most cases, feeling severe pain, a person looks down to the right (that's where the eyes naturally move when immersed in sensations). Accordingly, in order to reduce the painful sensations by two or three times, move your gaze to the left up (in the opposite direction). And the pain really decreases – you can check it out when you will be sitting in a dentist's chair in the near future, or pouring green paint on the wounds received, or suffering from a headache…

Considering that there are 5-10% of people who, in acute pain, do not look down to the right, but anywhere - I give a general strategy:

Step 1: Look where your gaze is directed (your head is tilted) when you feel the pain most strongly.

Step 2: Turn your gaze (tilt your head in the diametrically opposite direction).


Pain is usually associated with kinesthetics (i.e. sensations). Accordingly, to reduce it, translate your perception and thinking as much as possible into a visual channel: start admiring the landscape, shades of passing cars or leaves on different trees, take colored pencils or paints and start drawing, imagine some imaginary landscape in your imagination, dress yourself in different clothes and look at how you can look different and have different images ... etc. Visual information around and in imagination is more than enough.

"Imagine yourself..."

Development of the previous reception. To reduce pain (this usually happens in the dentist's office - when you have to endure pain, you can't escape from it and your mobility is severely limited - you can't get up and start waving your hands, say) do the following:

- dissociate from yourself,

- choose an object nearby (even a lamp on the ceiling, even a window pane)

- try to be fully associated with this object (to feel into this object). Say, "I am a window pane in a frame." After that, try to feel, and what and how would you see and hear if you were this subject? The aspect of kinesthetics in this particular case should not be connected, although it is necessary to look at the circumstances. The object of association may not necessarily be an object, but also a bird outside the window, perched on a tree branch, a dog running, a cloud flying across the sky, etc. You can also try not to try to hold on to one object all the time, but every 2-3-4 minutes imagine yourself as another object.

continue the suggestion: speak your associations internally to yourself - it is important to convince yourself verbally that at this particular moment you are not you, but a bird.

Reception "distraction"

In children's dental clinics, cartoons are shown to children during painful procedures. Children are distracted from the scenario of suffering and bear the pain more easily.

If you have painful procedures (for example, hard massage or acupuncture), then if you have someone to talk to and distract yourself, it's easier.

"Search for secondary benefits"

An American, when he does not want to go to work, calls his boss, tells him: "Boss, I have a headache," and, having received a day off, calmly goes to a baseball game.

A Russian, when he does not want to go to work, causes a real headache in some incomprehensible, amazing way, and after receiving a day off, he remains ill at home.

A joke is a joke, and the technique is as follows: you need to think carefully about the question of "what useful things do I get as a result of being so hurt?".

The answers are usually as follows: "I get attention; care; the opportunity not to go where I don't want; the opportunity not to do what I don't want; the opportunity to relax; the right to grumble at everyone around; a reminder that you don't need to forget about health..."

Accordingly, you need to think about: "And how can you get all the same benefits, but in a different, more sympathetic way, besides pain?". And when the replacement of pain is found, the pain disappears.

P.S. This technique is best suited to headaches. If you poured boiling water on yourself, or started chopping yourself with an axe, then the pain here has quite obvious primary benefits, and it's not worth loading up with the search for secondary ones.

Good luck, and - avoid hurting yourself!

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