Experiment "Playing with emotions"

01 октября 2022 г. в 21:23

Dear friends, I want to share with you our experiment "Playing emotions".

It all started with a webinar by Nikolai Ivanovich and with our interest in the topic "Emotions", namely, how masterly our children are in this technique.

The volunteer subject is our youngest daughter Annika (9 years old), a lively, mobile, active girl, who is fond of sports (capuero), ballet and theater.

As the experiment went on

The child was given short instructions: "you are happy", "you are angry with us", "you are offended", "you do not agree with us", "you are scared", etc. My husband took pictures.

Initially, the idea was only to see how much the child can "build" his emotions for specific tasks. In the process of conducting the experiment, it expanded.

When they began to disassemble the pictures, they asked the child: "What is your mood here?". She deciphered it unmistakably: "Here I am angry at you, because I "squinted" my eyebrows, "and here I was offended at you, because I pouted my lips," etc. The next question is: "What should I do to stop you from being angry?" An ingenious answer followed: "Make the eyebrows even."

What the experiment gave us

At this stage of time, we are learning with children "not to play the victim", the phrase "fix your face" often sounds in the house. Now our child knows exactly what we mean and what exactly needs to be corrected.

She herself made an interesting conclusion - when she has any negative emotions, she automatically either crosses her arms, or presses them tightly to the trunk, or clenches her fists. And in order to correct the face, sometimes it is enough just to spread your hands to the sides.

I will be glad if our find is useful.

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