Personality is built from the body image

04 августа 1987 г. в 10:09

If Chepushnoi woke up even at night and asked what he wants more than anything else, he would have said, without hesitation: "To Overtake Vikulainen!"

From the book "In our favor" — my favorite book about athletes

I respect everyone who goes in for sports, because I know how tightly the body and personality are connected. Personality is built primarily through the drawing of the body, through the structure and character of the body, through habits that are embedded in our body, that is, embedded in us.

Dear parents, be careful: choosing a particular sport for your children, you choose their character and fate. Long-distance skiing, as a sport, forms the psychology of a loner who is able to move through tension, at one will, to the goal, which he always looks at a little from under his brows. Swimming less develops the will, but gives more attention to the technique of movements and gives the ability to enjoy life. Lawn tennis is a sense of pair, the ability to build tactics, not be afraid to lose and be able to deliver accurate strong blows. Football, as a sport, is a sense of team, the ability to catch the excitement and kick backhand, throwing all your aggression into the blow!

From a distance, on the street, I can distinguish an athlete from a lover of lying on the couch: athletes have a different gait, their legs fly out precisely and elastic, their body has a vigorous energy, a strong turn of the shoulders and a head on a strong neck. And almost always — attentive eyes. Athletes know what a goal is, are able to keep the goal and achieve the goal. They have a will, not just desires, they know how to work without unhappy oohs and eyes, discipline, like time management, is in their blood, and they know what the joy of victory is.

It is no accident that many successful businessmen have turned out to be athletes. An athlete knows how long his body will last, he knows how to squeeze everything out of it — absolutely everything! - resources, and when the body can only be written off, professionals say goodbye to sports and move to another business.

My respect to you, real athletes!

As for girls, a lively and cheerful girl with a slim and athletic figure has a better chance of a great family and success in life, so sports are a must. It is advisable to choose a sport that is associated with outdoor activities and motor activity-running, Cycling, roller skates, figure skating and skiing in winter. However, the girl also needs her own special sport, because the girl does not need strength, but three other things, namely: a) flexibility, b) General coordination of movements (dexterous hands) and C) grace, beauty and smoothness of movement. Therefore, from power loads-we swing the press and do squats, but we replace the horizontal bar with push-UPS.

Squats make a beautiful ass and (if squats are done correctly) form the ability to rise, even when you are pressed by life. Push-UPS give the ability to resist, press swing develops strong-willed qualities and turns more into a Strongman. The good thing is that all this does not contradict grace and femininity. You just need to be able to do it!

Swimming is very good for health, but with professional training, girls form quite masculine shoulders, which is not quite feminine. For the same reason, rhythmic gymnastics is more useful than sports gymnastics. Tennis is useful both large and small, yoga and fitness are good, while team sports are more for boys, individual and pair dances are more useful for girls. Once again: the most important and absolutely mandatory sport for any girl is dancing. Dance, dance, dance! You can start with folk dances, continue with any modern ones, but sooner or later you must experience pair dances, at least hustle (the simplest and most affordable) and salsa (a little richer). In pair dancing, the fear of the partner's body disappears, in dancing you can stand close and hold hands, which is not easy for teenagers. If hustle is a minimum program, then ballroom dancing and sports dancing are already the world of princesses.

When choosing a specific sports section or dance Studio, it is usually more important to pay attention not to a specific sport or type of dance, but to what kind of people there are and what their communication style is, first of all, what the culture of the coach is. A high-quality, decent coach teaches not so much a specific sport or dance, he teaches attitude to people and life. If you have found such a coach, you can be calm. However, for different age girls need to choose different coaches..

Body image and personality development

In the drawing of the human body, the possibility of its development as a person is recorded. The drawing of the body defines our interests and values, it imprints our character in us, it records what our vocation is and whether we can have it at all. The body, clogged with clamps and twisted by depression, hinders development. If we want to develop our own or someone else's personality, we need to start with the development of the body.

How does the image of our body affect our mental life and our personality

A person begins with a drawing of the body. That is: from the muzzle or face, from the carcass or camp, from the paws or strong and beautiful hands. And also with physical energy or pale infirmity. The way our body is built, what its pattern is, and what state it is in is a serious factor that affects both situational States of mind and the prospects for personal development.

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