Mental invulnerability

01 октября 2022 г., 21:23

Фильм "Непристойное предложение"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​People are emotionally vulnerable to varying degrees: someone is touched by minor problems, someone is more affected by large "torpedoes". Usually, it is more common for children to react to small things without noticing major events: Why is there a war, my train broke down! Grown-up children tend to react more to major events, but in approximately the same ways: deep resentment, mental disorder, desperate hysteria, sad experience. Emotional vulnerability is the traumatization of the soul, the inability to protect oneself from painful experiences.

The causes of emotional vulnerability are usually a tendency to a negative worldview, low self-esteem, maladaptive beliefs and inability (or unwillingness) to manage their experiences, sometimes the surprise of what happened and poor health, poor physical shape.

Mental invulnerability is more attractive - the ability to pass by the injections and attacks of others, small and large blows of life without any significant mental injuries.

A small mental scratch is not a wound. Scratched - you can not notice. You're still invulnerable.

I stumbled from a blow - this does not mean I fell down. You have led your line further - you are still invulnerable.

If you have suffered a mental wound, even if you once lost heart, but then quickly rose - you are vulnerable, but you have mental fortitude.

In a mentally healthy person, invulnerability usually comes with years, with experience: an adult is wise, and therefore less vulnerable. Mental invulnerability is helped by social invulnerability: if you have an excellent reputation, enough money, connections and other social opportunities, it is easier to bear the blows of life. At the same time, it is probably useful for everyone to actively develop mental invulnerability. The training course "Emotion Management" (Sinton Training Center) and the following psychological techniques help to develop mental invulnerability:

Technique of mental insurance,

- exercise "Emotional traffic light",

- exercise "Good",

- in general, trainings "Sinton programs", training "Communication skills" and "Emotion management".

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