Restraint and cessation of emotions

01 октября 2022 г., 21:23

​Restraint and cessation of emotions is carried out both through suppression and through the removal of unwanted emotions.

The removal of unwanted emotions sounds more attractive than suppression, but technically it is more difficult, and in life the containment and cessation of emotions is more often carried out through the suppression of emotions.

Japanese culture was originally built on containment, but among the Japanese the lowest percentage of deaths from vascular and heart diseases (28%, in Europe - 30%). In Japan, it is not customary to unwind feelings and the belief in the benefits of restraining feelings works. It is not the experience of emotion that is unacceptable, but its manifestation in an inappropriate context. That is, we are talking about an emphasis on the formation of the Ego function rather than the suppression of the Id. At the same time, in other situations, the Japanese are quite emotional. See→

Suppression of emotions

Suppression of emotions is an active influence on strong (rapidly flowing, untwisted) emotions, directed against their natural course in order to destroy them. Suppression, like a war with emotions, is quite harmful to health. How to prevent the suppression of emotions or reduce their harmful effects on health? See Suppression of emotions

Removal of unwanted emotions

The main techniques for removing unwanted emotions are to interrupt with another emotion, transfer emotions, switch to another type of physical activity, create a physical state incompatible with emotion.

  • Работа с эмоциями

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