Author: Svetlana Baranova,
​​​​​​​University of practical psychology

Resource memories

Psychologists, working with the client's problem, always turn to resource States that give a person the strength to cope with difficulties, fill them with vital energy, and help them believe in themselves. Psychological resources can be childhood memories, happy moments of life, communication with friends, travel, family album…

Nature. On earth, every person has places that will always remain in their memory. And there is nothing exotic or supernatural about them, but you want to go back there again and again, because there you feel calm, you feel harmony between yourself and the world, you are filled with strength and the desire to live.

One day I accidentally came to a wonderful PLACE of POWER – a high hill, blown from all sides by the winds, scorched by the sun, wrapped in a subtle aroma of thyme. At the foot of the hill is an Orthodox Church, a village surrounded by lush greenery, endless expanses of fields stretching away to the horizon and a Holy spring filled with the power of the Russian land.

On top of the hill covers an uncontrollable desire to stretch your hands, turning his face to the sky, breathe deep the air and feel the extraordinary power fills every cell of your body, as the feet stand firmly on the ground, as the vital energy of the sun spreads from head to toe.

Memories of the hill, like drops of a miraculous elixir, relieve tension, fill with a positive attitude to life, excite the desire to return again and again to an amazing PLACE of POWER.

Childhood memory. Psychologists consider childhood to be the most resource-rich. On cloudy days of life, childhood memories make you feel light and Sunny.

Grandmother… Have you noticed how people brighten up, brighten up, and smile when talking about their grandmothers? Someone remembers the summer holidays in the village, someone associated with my grandmother warm socks, someone Granny pies with apples, jam, egg and green onions…

Grandma's pies-taste of childhood! I remember how my grandmother pampered me with pies with carrots, then with caramels, then with favorite cabbage ... Vivid childhood memories of the tantalizing aroma of baking, Golden crust, appetizing steaming filling, just baked pie, burning impatient children's fingers, fill the heart with love and joy of being.

Psychologists say that photos, Souvenirs, books and various pleasant things are the keepers of resource memories of happy meetings, distant countries, great successes and small victories.

Summer. The sun. Sea. The bottom. I persistently dive into the salt water again and again to get the rock that attracted my attention from the bottom. And so it happened, I happily unclench my fingers, on the palm of a pebble, nothing special, a stone like a stone, but for me – a symbol of victory, perseverance and achievement of the goal "I could! I did it!»

Many years have passed. In difficult moments, I take the cherished stone out of the box, clench it in my fist and remember again that joyful feeling of faith in my own strength: "I can! I'll do it!»

Look through the best pages of the past, find vivid childhood stories, discover amazing places of nature, collect a piggy Bank of pleasant little things that will be a resource source of strength and positive emotions for you in difficult moments of life.