How to distinguish a smart person from just an educated one

27 мая 1987 г., 12:26

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A smart person is someone who can establish their own cause-and-effect relationship, who is able to draw conclusions and make decisions based on the knowledge that they have received from society.
A smart person is someone who is able to transform the knowledge of society into their own decisions.

The knowledge of society is the sum of the experienced knowledge of a huge number of individuals who once made their own decisions, learned to be smart through their own actions, receiving feedback from their actions and their new conclusions, new instructions for themselves.

Repeat once again: The art of being smart is our developed ability to transform the information accumulated by society-for ourselves, for our tasks. And the more effective this process of transforming knowledge and applying knowledge in our lives, the smarter we are, in fact!

Not everyone develops this ability, which in other words is called critical thinking. (Critical thinking is a way of thinking in which a person questions incoming information).

A huge number of people just absorb information and just immediately take it on faith, just immediately use it and.... get not the best results!

What's stopping you? Sometimes they say the fear of accepting responsibility gets in the way. In fact, a person has not trained such an important skill as to develop criteria for the applicability of information. That is, under what conditions it (some described cause-and-effect relationship) works, and under what conditions it (this cause-and-effect relationship) does not work. In this regard, with a huge access to information, people still go and go for advice, which, by the way, even good advice, again, is afraid to apply. There are no criteria for selecting a Board. Another type of thinking that doesn't work is criteria – based.

So how do you develop criteria-based thinking?

We learn this thinking only in communication with mentors who are already able to process information by the method of criteria-based assessment of results from the use of information. We use mentors to learn how to create our own checklists.

Our mentors are parents, school teachers, coaches, and professional mentors. Unfortunately, not all of them have developed the right mindset. Sometimes our mentors live by a template and can pass on the same approach to us. Therefore, if we see that we do not know how to make our own informed decision (based on clear criteria), then we need to purposefully seek out mentors and get infected by them with a new approach to absorbing, analyzing and using information..

How to do this correctly?

1. Identify the area of life where results are sagging.

2. Find a successful person in this area of life: they have exactly what they always wanted. And this area of life depends entirely on his decisions, on his thoughtful actions.

3. Find an opportunity to talk to this person as often as possible and ask them questions.

4. Actively re-pollinate in communicating with him his way of thinking for his successful area of life.

Any new way of thinking from one or another individual is a new additional way of setting criteria for a particular area of life.

Each additional way of thinking makes us smarter and smarter, because it expands our ability to develop our point of view on the most important issues in a particular area of life, the ability to make the most accurate logical conclusions (to establish an effective cause-and-effect relationship), the ability to make decisions, as a result, the ability to design the future, according to our patterns.

What have we come to in this conversation about the mind?

To the fact that a smart person is a person who sees the most viable future, who knows how to build his steps into this future.

Hence the conclusion: Learn to live in the future. Think about the future, imagine the future. Look for information about what your future might be in a particular area of life. Search for information – how to come to this. Search and implement! Look for and do!

A smart person is not afraid of the future, because it does not fall on him, he creates it.

A smart person is always happy with today – because it is a day according to his patterns.

Ask yourself: am I happy with today? If you don't, it means that at some stage you chose to be stupid. I chose not to think, not to plan, not to implement. I thought you didn't know how to do it. Yes, we all don't know how to do what we've never done. And I know how to do what you were trained to do. Start learning to be smart!

Start designing your future – start with something small: a project of a conversation, a project of a weekend, a project of your own rules in something, a project of a new habit that you will take into your life and start cultivating it.

Become not just educated (reading a lot and knowing how others do to achieve results), but smart (doing things according to your own decision for your own result)!

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