How to develop self-confidence

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Developing self-confidence is a real thing, but not quite simple. You will have to work hard, and in several directions. The main direction is: to gain knowledge, skills, life experience, to become really more successful and effective. The auxiliary direction is to develop the right attitude to yourself and to people, the ability to see your advantages, feel your strength. Since this is the field of practical psychology, our tips will be as follows:

Get out of the position of the Victim, develop the position of the Author of your life. Make it a rule - in a difficult situation, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, angry or upset, look for an opportunity: 1). Rethink what is happening. In any situation, there is not only "horror", but also its advantages. Which ones? 2). Resolve the incident. "What can be done right now to resolve the situation?" 3). Prevent similar situations in the future. Life is big, and today's trouble, if you draw the right conclusions from it, may be a wonderful lesson. These are your three Copyright keys. It is not obvious that in any situation you will be able to implement all three options, but if you do at least one thing, you are already out of the position of the Victim.

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If you see the bad in everything and are used to swearing at others, even at yourself, then it will be bad to believe in yourself. What to do? Develop a positive perception of the world, it is quite real. A positive worldview is a positive attitude to life, to people, and to yourself. This attitude in our culture is not very accepted and little developed, but it is definitely worth developing, it gives a vision of opportunities and a desire to do something in this world. Start keeping a success Diary, where you can write down everything that was good today: your joys, good luck and success. See how to develop a positive attitude - it's really useful!

Work with your limiting beliefs. As long as you repeat to yourself: "I can't, I can't, I can't!" - you will not move forward in a reliable way. Self-belief begins when you start saying more inspiring things about yourself. Remove the Victim's vocabulary from your vocabulary and learn more positive affirmations. "I have confidence in myself. My business is getting better and better every day!" Repeating such formulas is not tricky, but it helps well. Check it out!

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The practice of successful non-standard actions helped many people to develop their self-confidence. It's one thing for you to know "I can't do anything", but it's another thing for you to meet girls on the street, read poems and sing songs, ask for 50 rubles and distribute money in the subway... The feeling of lightness and freedom is worth it to train non-standard actions at least once in your life. In the beginning, it is better to do it in the company, and it is safer and more fun.


And now the serious stuff. You can inspire yourself with anything, it is useful to have fun with non-standard actions, but the real self-confidence is in someone who has real life successes: there is money, there are connections, there are prospects. This is your real goal. To do this, learn to live and work effectively. The beginning of personal effectiveness is simple: put your life and business in order, start setting realistic goals, write the simplest plan, take care of the success of your business start-and go ahead, move on to action! Further, the plan will be a reliable support for you. So, once again: start with goals. Write down your goals for the next year.

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And always, for the rest of your life - watch your body: a person who believes in himself keeps his posture and shoulders straight. Drooping shoulders, wistful eyes and eyebrows will provide you with an integral part of life a huge number of problems, difficulties, fears, horrors, troubles and other entertainment. Those people who are used to keep their posture – there are fewer difficult questions to life, and more strength and positivity. Add to this an attentive collected look, confident gestures, and you are ready to face difficulties. Train yourself to a confident gait and posture! You are beautiful, your Majesty!

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