Men's values, men's responsibilities

25 июля 1987 г., 21:57


​​​​​A real man knows his manly duties. Men's honor: to honor the law, protect loved ones and the Motherland. The man is the protector. A man protects his loved ones and what is dear to him. In any case, he lives not only for himself. A man should have a profession and earn money. A man should build a house, plant a tree, and raise a son.

Over the past few decades, men have been corrupted, at least in European culture, there are fewer men. In the last century, and especially in the last forty years, boys have been brought up more in a female culture. And the fact that a man is obliged to do something, he has a duty, faded into the background, because boys were brought up as girls, became lovers, lived for pleasure, searched for true desires and forgot about men's duties to people and business. Discipline is not much in honor, the word "duty"," must " for many have become abusive words, and more people now like to feel and look for something that will lift them-instead of doing anything. Men are allowed to cry, men are allowed to feel sorry for themselves, men are allowed to be afraid. Of course, every man has feelings, every man has fears, every man wants something, but before there were priorities-you first do what you have to do, and then have fun: business time, and fun hour. Today it disappears. Men have become feminine, and this is called easier-they have become rags, can not make a decision, can not lift themselves off the couch, can not earn money and are not able to become the head of the family.

Men began to disappear - but men's responsibilities did not disappear. Still, someone needs to be breadwinners, still someone needs to take on the burden of responsibility and be courageous, no matter how difficult it is... And if you can't rely on men anymore, women have to be courageous. And now women become breadwinners, they rely only on themselves in everything and choose a career, with a sigh giving up the dream of a family and children. Why would she keep this rag and put up with his whining when she was already earning more than him?

What follows from this? You should live...

Yes, now men are disappearing and families are falling apart, but – but this does not mean that today decent people and strong, good families have disappeared. They are there! In good families, everyone is cheerful, healthy, they have beautiful children who have a future. And if it is, if it is possible, then I suggest that you (and first of all men) stop complaining about the wrong life and start doing yourself. Men can and should remain men: be leaders and respected professionals at work, and be a husband and father at home. Planting a tree, building a house, raising a son-this has not disappeared and remains a part of men's work.

However, there is another side: a real man respects himself, he chooses who he loves, where he will build his house and how his children will be raised. In the values of a real man - to demand respect for yourself, and here a real man is demanding. He will do everything for a woman - but only when a woman follows him to the end of the world, as the wives of the Decembrists followed their husbands. He will give his children everything, but only if they follow his values. As harsh as it sounds, a real man chooses both his woman and his children. For Taras Bulba, his son Andriy ceased to be his son when he chose a different Homeland and other values. A real man knows how to subordinate himself and knows how to subordinate others, and these are not just skills, but his values and his duties: to be a leader always and everywhere. Become the leader of yourself, become the head of the family, become the head of the company.

This is a big and decent job!

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