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24 июля 1987 г., 10:15

Question from an interview:

What qualities do you think a man should have in order to be a model for the most intelligent and worthy women? To be loved, respected and admired for years and decades by his beautiful chosen one?

Nikolai Ivanovich Kozlov:

Smart and decent women most often want to see in the man of their dreams intelligence, strength and reliability.
A handsome man is attractive, but it is not the beauty of the body that makes him a man. Beauty is always replaced by neatness, and a man should take care that his body can function. This means that health, strength and endurance are important to him.

But a real man doesn't start with a strong body, but with a strong mind! An unintelligent man is not a man. A real man has common sense, education, a broad Outlook, and the ability to find solutions in the most difficult situations.

But a mind without will is empty. A real man is a strong-willed person. He, as a reasonable person, is able to resist temptations, remembers his goals and objectives, is sustained and does not give up before difficulties. "A man does not whine, does not complain, does not cry and is not afraid" - these are the standards of the cultural code of the male community. A man should do what he should, and if this is hindered by his emotions, feelings and experiences — be stronger than them.

A man will not postpone the decision "for later" in the hope of "somehow resolving". "Figured out, thought about, decided, did!" - this is a simple algorithm for the actions of a real man.

A real man is a reliable man. A real man is a Creator. Build a house, raise a son, plant a tree-a natural male task. A man is a defender, he knows what duty is and what "must" means. For a man, it is a matter of honor to honor the law, protect his family, loved ones and everything that is dear to him.

In a family, a man knows his manly duties and does everything to avoid being reminded of them. For him, being the head of the family is a matter of honor. Being the first, the leader, the leader — this is a high task of a real man. He strives to be a leader always and everywhere — for himself, in the family, in the company.

A real man has his own way and his own business. At a minimum, a man knows how to work and is not afraid of work. A man feels fulfilled and is able to focus on a relationship with a woman if he understands the three most important questions for him: who he is, what he does, and how much he earns.

Appeal to men: you need to be a real man! If only so that your real woman will love you and never stop loving you.

No one knows if you will meet your dream. But you can be sure of one thing: you need to prepare in advance to meet your dream. You need to love your soulmate ten years before you meet her: otherwise, you met her, she loved you, and what did you give her? Yourself incomplete, problematic?.. Work on yourself always, all your life-this is the main commandment of worthy people: those who know how to love.

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