Synthesis technology

01 октября 2022 г., 21:23

Synthesis technology is the science of how to be successful. It combines in its content everything that has been tested in practice and really works. First of all, this is not a slogan, but a business style and language, technological approach, clear and simple description of methods and tools. It is distinguished by its external simplicity and the absence of unnecessary science: practice needs a clear and memorable algorithm, and not scary-sounding terms that require translation into a normal human language.

Synthesis technology is a psychology of action, not contemplation, it does not seek to explain and does not compose "universal theories of everything": first of all, it is a collection of "know-how", but not a bag of disparate recipes, but a sequentially constructed system.

This is a real psychology for business and effective people.

Source views

Synthesis-technology in the views of a person and his life proceeds from the following philosophical positions:

Each person is the author of his life.

If he presents himself as a Victim, this is also his work of authorship. And those actions that a person considers a natural or forced reaction to ... are also his arbitrary and free, author's choice.

All the main points of a person's life are laid in his childhood.

At the age of five, the child defines his own, author's, concept of his life, where the Central point is the attitude to parents. Later, the World takes the place of the parents, and the attitude towards the parents — love or war — the child transfers to life as a whole. On the other hand, the patterns of behavior learned in childhood, as a rule, the child carries through his entire life.

In every person, as in the universe, there is everything, you just need to be able to open and use the necessary.

In each of us, a coward and a hero are side by side, a fool and a wise man are arguing, a sea of love is splashing in each of us and an abyss of hatred is burning. And there is no stronger person than the one who insists on his weakness…

By nature, initially, any human behavior is wise and appropriate.

If you see behavior that is stupid and inappropriate, then you just haven't looked closely and are misled. And also think about why you did not look closely and misled yourself...

However, as the authors of their lives, people are quite wealthy in order to start behaving stupidly and inexpediently, especially when they need it for some reason, and in their life a person gets what they really want.

The result obtained by a person speaks primarily not about successful or difficult circumstances, but about the true intentions of the person.

All human intentions are positive. From his point of view. And he didn't always mean you and all the other little things.

And all you need to positively understand someone's monstrous intentions is to take their point of view. And understand that for another person you are not the Navel of The earth. Or perhaps you are not anyone at all.

Life is a stream of neutral events.

What is good, what is bad, and how to experience what is happening is determined by the person himself in accordance with his culture and upbringing. And culture and upbringing can change — just like you, because —

As long as we live, we change.

The world is always changing. The world is made up of verbs, not nouns.

Even a rose can hardly be called a "flower" in this sense. By calling it a flower, that is, a noun, we remove its movement, its blooming, we make it – dead.

As long as a person is alive, he is like a river, constantly changing, moving, flowing, making a choice every hour and every minute. Today's decisions are today's decisions, and who knows what kind of storm tomorrow will be? And the direction in which you flow, you can choose yourself, or you can allow yourself to be guided by someone or something else…

Each of us manages the world, although it may be doing it badly.

A paved road controls your path. A newly born baby manages its parents day and night. The dog controls the owner, and the cat controls the dog. Everyone controls everyone.

It's not a shame to rule the world, it's a shame to do it badly.

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