Working with the emotions and condition of the client

01 октября 2022 г., 21:54

​Working with the emotions and condition of the client is especially important when dealing with psychological problems. The peculiarity of solving psychological problems is that they are more subjective, more often have not an objective, but a psychological background, and working with emotions and the human condition, as well as working with the attitude to the problem, often comes to the fore here.

Main areas of work

If a girl is worried that a young man has stopped calling her, then there are the following directions (and sequence) of working with emotions and states:

  • bring the girl to her senses,
  • from the position of the Victim to the position of the Author,
  • to turn the problem into a task

Now that the girl is in the right condition, understanding and concentration have appeared in her eyes, you can solve the problem if necessary: to figure out why the young man stopped calling and what this girl needs to do in the future so as not to lose young people.

Created a problem, removed the problem - cured!

It is difficult to say how consciously psychotherapists work, acting on the principle of "Created a problem, removed the problem - cured!" It can be assumed that many specialists really sincerely find problems with clients where they originally did not exist, after that they successfully remove a non-existent problem and triumphantly address the client: "Now everything is fine with you, your problem is gone!"

Considering that a lot of clients' problems are dummy problems, far-fetched problems, a continuation of their fears and the usual desire to talk about themselves, the "Created a problem, removed the problem - cured!" technique is quite effective, it helps clients. There is a fact - negative emotions go away (at least for a while), it becomes easier for a person...

Another question is for how long?

  • Методы психотерапии
  • Работа с эмоциями

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