Swearing relieves pain

01 октября 2022 г., 21:23

​Source pulsplus.ru Obscene language helps to increase the pain threshold, - say scientists from the British University of Kiel.

During the experiment, the scientists divided the volunteers into 2 groups. All participants were required to keep their hands in icy water, but the volunteers from the first group could swear as they pleased, and the volunteers from the second group were obliged to remain silent.

It turned out that those people who could express their emotions in an obscene form were able to hold out longer. And those who were obliged to remain silent pulled their hands out of the water faster.

After that, the scientists analyzed the speech habits of the subjects. It turned out that it was no easier for people who were used to swearing in everyday life to endure the cold than for those who were forced to remain silent during the experiment. It was those participants of the experiment who lasted the longest, who were not used to swearing in everyday life, and used obscene words only in "special cases".

Scientists explain these results by saying that swearing is a way to get rid of stress. And only in this capacity is it able to increase the pain threshold. When swearing becomes an ordinary everyday phenomenon, this "analgesic" property of it is leveled. That is why scientists advise swearing in special cases.

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