Three ways of thinking that define our lives

04 июня 1987 г., 10:37

Author: Anna Monid,,University of practical psychology

The concept announced here is not my know-how, but it deserves close attention!

Sociologists and psychologists (such as Stephen Gilligan, Joseph Campbell, Vladimir Propp and others) have come to the conclusion that a person goes through life in one of three ways. These paths do not depend on time, they can be traced at all stages of human development.

These are the three ways of thinking that people live by.

The first way of thinking "Village»

This is not about rural people in General and not about where a person lives. The owner of this mindset can live in the most expensive cities in the world. Only this does not add to his" happiness".

People from the "village" believe that:

  • If you're 25 and still single, you're not normal.
  • And if you are 30 and still have no children, then you are even more abnormal.
  • If you live by your own rules and are not guided by social stereotypes, you are also abnormal.
  • If you leave a job that pays consistently for some "idea", then this is not normal at all.

Such people consider themselves normal in all respects, do normal things, like all normal people. Their beliefs are strongly linked to the "normalities" and rules accepted in society.

Attention! When a person chooses such thinking purposefully, it brings him happiness, pleases, satisfies important values, then it's great! In fact, "Village" thinking is often accompanied by fears (fear of loss of stability, fear of changes in life, fear of public condemnation, criticism, rejection by people, etc.)

Such people are narrow-minded. They measure life with formulaic and biased indicators that are far from reality. They are not inclined to new options of actions, to new approaches, they are not able to feel the diversity and fullness of life. They follow a clearly marked track, not a step to the side. The minimum required level of comfort is met, that's all.

The second way of thinking is "Outcast»

These are rebels who don't want to live by the rules of the majority. You have probably seen such people in every team. They no longer communicate with the majority, behave deliberately provocatively or different from the others. Their distinctive feature is that they absolutely do not want to live like everyone else, and as public opinion imposes, but they do not understand exactly how they want to live. They do not understand both their final destination and intermediate ones, so they go to nowhere, and there they come. 'Outsiders' do not understand their values, therefore, are unable to satisfy them.

People with the "outcast" mindset tend to become alcoholics, drug addicts, and vagrants. They think they are different, but they don't know what they are. They do not find a place in this world and live with constant questions without answers. However, the good news is that such a person can make a huge leap from the bottom to a completely new level. Nothing to lose, ready to take the risk. This changes the mindset and gives a completely new life result.

The third way of thinking "The hero's way»

Now the most interesting part! What distinguishes the hero's way of thinking from the rogue's way of thinking? It's a whole chasm, and at the same time it's just one step. This step is understanding the destination where it is going. The hero doesn't just know what he doesn't want. He is also well aware of what he needs.

Having chosen the "hero's path", a person, on the one hand, does not want to be guided by social stereotypes, and on the other, he understands what rules he wants to live by and lives by. He is aware of his values and aspirations and is guided by them, lives with meaning. This is a life that few people live, but one that many would like to live.

We are making a serious bet by choosing a new level of thinking and a new way of life. We must be aware that it can only lead us to a beautiful life path with the thinking of the hero. This path is the most difficult and most interesting. It will meet the UPS and downs, challenges and pleasures. It is suitable for those who need more, for whom the current "Kingdom" is not enough. If you want to go this way, then answer the question: are you ready to accept and love difficulties as much as comforts, and losses as much as gains? Are you ready to draw conclusions from mistakes and correct them instead of criticizing yourself and being afraid to do something wrong?

We love victories and strive for success, but we often forget that we achieve them because of our mistakes. How else can you learn to do better and better and get the desired result? You can't learn to ride a bike without falling down. Get up and go on! Mistakes are not a cause for concern, but the best companions in improving life. Mistakes need to learn to love and be grateful to those who make them. And it is thanks to them that we understand how to act correctly, what not to do, and choose successful behavior strategies that bring the desired result.

Difficulties are not warnings "don't go there, go here, or the snow will fall on your head". Some overcoming and following them new behaviors are a sure companion in a happy and successful life.

The path of the hero is a path for the chosen ones, for those who are not afraid and do not avoid, but confidently go to the realization of their dreams. For those who are ready not just to swim where the current will take them, but to choose the direction of movement themselves. For those who allow themselves to make mistakes on the path of life and are able to learn lessons. For those who build their own future. For those who live for a big goal, help others if necessary.

This is the life that gives FREEDOM and Life with meaning.

I choose the "hero's way" mindset, and what do you choose?

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