Profit, personal interest

01 октября 2022 г., 21:23

Author: N.I. Kozlov

Personal interest is very important to a person when they take care of themselves.

To eat, to sleep, to raise your status, to get a cool man or to have children for your joy.

Profit, personal interest is one of the strongest driving forces of human behaviour. Display of the first position of perception. Personal interest is opposed to values - important things for a person that go beyond their personal interests.

To plant a tree, to build a house, to raise a son... - when a person plants a tree not only for themselves, but so that it will grow after him, when he raises a son not only to support him in old age, but so that another beautiful and happy person will appear in the world.

Personal interest and motivation

Another name for personal interest is motivation. To ask "what is your personal interest?" is practically the same as "what is your motivation?" Lack of profit or lack of personal interest is one of the reasons for lack of motivation.

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